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Real Quality Services, Inc. an ISO 9001:2008 Registered Company


Why Real Quality Services?

RQS, Inc. has been reducing material costs for our clients on an average of 20% annually for over 10 years. We all have demands on us every day to "do more with less", "stretch a dollar", or "find" money in our businesses. RQS can do this for you like no one else! Real Quality Services equals Real Savings when it comes to the REUSE of packaging materials. Smart businesses are realizing the value of reusing their packaging material. You save both time and money because:

RQS is the most experienced, largest supplier in the reclamation of packaging materials in the Midwest! Not only does it help in hard dollars, but it raises your profile in the green community as a company who cares about the environment. That social reputation translates to business from customers who are looking to do their part for conservation.

Our Real Quality Services bring dollars to your bottom line by adding value to your production process by:

We've built a strong and dependable reputation with manufacturers and suppliers to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) assembly plants.                                                   




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